In the Eyes of a Child

Posted on Nov 25 2013 - 9:23pm by ADS

The simple, delicate way that the big minds of little children work, amazes me.

I had the best conversation with a three year old today. My supervisor’s three year old daughter, Vivianne, was looking at a picture from our wedding that I keep on my desk. She asked “What’s that?” I handed it to her and explained it was a picture from my wedding, that I had gotten married recently. She asked “Why?” I said, pointing at Rob, ‘because I love him.’

Her next question turned my heart into a puddle. She asked me, with so much sincerity, “You were a princess?”

I told her I sure felt like it on that day.

That was the most profound conversation I’ve had in a while. Thanks, Viv.


"You were a princess?"

“You were a princess?”

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