The Day the Line Showed Up

Posted on Apr 29 2015 - 5:39pm by ADS

The Day the Line Showed Up

Saturday, February 21st, 2015

I knew my cycle was going to be starting any day now. I felt crummy all week long and I had already taken some ‘cheapy’ pregnancy tests earlier in the week. Of course, they were stark white where I hoped to see a line.

I woke up early, around 7AM, and decided to try one more cheap test before throwing in the TTC towel for the month. I avoided looking at the test for three long, grueling minutes. When I finally glanced at it, I assumed my eyes were playing tricks on me. I just wasn’t quite awake yet, right? Right where I was used to seeing nothing but white empty space, there appeared a faint pink line. My heart began to beat a little faster, and I wasn’t convinced. I dug through the piles of OPKs and cheap PG tests that lived under the sink in search of my last “real” test—a Clear Blue Digital.

I couldn’t avert my eyes this time. I sat in the floor and stared at the blinking hour glass…not so patiently waiting. What I almost expected to see was something a little like this…

Try again next month.

Try again next month.

After what seemed like an eternity, the words that changed my life finally appeared: ‘Pregnant 1-2 (weeks).’ And I lost it. Tears of joy overwhelmed me before I could process what was happening. I had a hard time forming words as I went into the bedroom where Rob was still sound asleep. Until he heard my blubbering, that is. He woke in a panic asking what was wrong. Still unable to speak, I handed him the test. “I can’t read it…” he said, blinking the sleep from his eyes. And then it hit him as he smiled, while I collapsed into his open arms.

In hindsight, I wish I could have contained myself long enough to create some cute announcement for Rob. I never imaged telling him the news the way I did. He has since assured me that there was no way that could have been more perfect than sharing that moment together as it happened.

Finally, after over a year of TTC, we were pregnant with our little miracle.

Clear Blue Digital Positive


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Tell me about the day you found out you were expecting! 

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