Pregnancy Update Weeks 14-17

Posted on May 25 2015 - 6:19pm by ADS

Pregnancy Weeks 14-17

It’s been a little while since our big pregnancy announcement, and I wanted to give an update! We are just past 17 weeks today, and I am finally starting to “feel” pregnant. I am still anxiously waiting to feel the first baby kicks. I feel things from time to time that I think could be the baby, but I’m just not sure.

How far along?  17 Weeks, 1 Day
How big is the peanut? 5 Inches!
Total weight gain/loss?  Up four lbs.
Maternity clothes? Not yet, but I ordered a pair of maternity jeans from Kohls to try out.
Sleep? I’ve started getting up to pee often again, and I toss and turn a lot. Rob bought me a Snoogle this week, so hopefully that helps! 
Best moment this week? Our Gender Reveal photo-shoot! (See my next blog post for the reveal!)
Symptoms? Awful round ligament pain! I knew it was going to ache, but I’ve been in pain the last few days.
Hormones? I cried for two silly reasons recently. One: Rob was taking my weekly pregnancy picture and playfully captured some candid shots that I wasn’t ready for…Tears! Two: I bought a giant 36 inch balloon to use for our gender reveal photo shoot, got it filled up, and was so excited about it. It popped on the way to the car when we were leaving for the shoot. Tears! 
Food cravings? Strange craving for watermelon and chocolate the other night. Without questioning it, Rob went to the store and got me watermelon and Hershey Kisses. 
Food aversions? Cheese cubes. I went through a phase where all I wanted to eat was those little cheese cubes. Tried some recently, and discovered that they lost their appeal. 
Gender?  See my next post for the reveal! 
Labor signs? Too early! 
Belly button in or out? In
What I miss? Body Pump class. We had a scare a few weeks back and the doctor suggested I stop any heavy lifting. 
What I’m looking forward to? First baby kicks for sure!
Milestones? Revealing the gender to family and friends. 
Bump? I’m in this awkward stage where I can tell that my tummy looks kind of different, but I just feel bloated. I’ve always had a little pooch anyway, so now I’m not sure if its the same as it was before, or if its partly baby related now. 


To find out the gender of our little one, click here

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