Pregnancy Update: Weeks 21 through 26

Posted on Jul 26 2015 - 11:10am by ADS

Pregnancy Update Weeks 21 through 26


It’s been a long time since I’ve given an update on our pregnancy. We are under the 100 Day mark!! It’s hard to believe that our little man will be here so soon. 

How far along? 26 Weeks- Only 98 more days to go!
How big is the peanut? 14 Inches and Two Pounds
Total weight gain/loss? Weighed in at the last appointment at a 9 lbs increase overall. 
Maternity clothes? I’ve traded in my real jeans for maternity jeans/shorts. I’ve had a lot of luck with them from Kohl’s- they are very comfy, but still look like normal jeans. I am still wearing all my normal flowy tops. 
Sleep? Sleep was great up until the last few days. I now get up at least once a night and have trouble getting back to sleep after. 
Best moment this week? Since the last update: We reached the first viability milestone, are less than 100 days to our due date, and little guy has moving like crazy. Rob can feel the kicks all the time, which is awesome to see! 
Symptoms? Still suffering from acid reflux, and swelling has set in. 
Hormones? Just an irrational need to clean all of the things. 
Food cravings? Panera! 
Food aversions? Still not digging fish and chicken very much. 
Gender? BOY!
Labor signs? No, but Braxton Hicks have begun. 
Belly button in or out? Still an innie. 
What I miss? Wearing any shoes that I want without swelling. 
What I’m looking forward to? Looking forward to getting my glucose testing over with in a week and a half. 
Milestones? Viability!
Bump? Again- I definitely have a bump, but I’m waiting for it to become more defined. Getting sick of people telling me I don’t look pregnant. 

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