Pregnancy Update: Weeks 27 through 32

Posted on Sep 8 2015 - 8:12pm by ADS

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 27-32


How far along? 32 Weeks and 3 days. 54 Days to go!
How big is the peanut? 17 Inches long and about 4lbs!
Total weight gain/loss? The weight is start to come along now- Up about 20lbs.
Maternity clothes? 100% maternity jeans or stretchy yoga type material. Still wearing my flowy tops from pre-pregnancy, along with a few maternity tees.
Sleep? Not super. I average 2-3 nightly trips to pee.
Best moment this week? Best moment since my last update was getting to see our little man in 4D (image below)! Oh, and I passed the 1 hour glucose test!
Hormones? Not terrible (Maybe you should ask my husband..)
Food cravings? I love coffee and Panera bagels..Oh! And peaches!!
Food aversions? None at the moment
Gender? BOY!
Labor signs? Too early, but lots of BH contractions.
Belly button in or out? Still an innie, for the most part.  My belly button sure looks different though.
What I miss? Not having swollen feet. This issue has gotten terrible in the last week!
What I’m looking forward to? Upcoming childbirth classes! Infant CPR, Labor and Baby Basics, and Lamaze.
Milestones? Viability!
Bump? Oh yeah! No one is questioning if there is a baby in there .

Take a look at our sweet baby boy! How precious is that face!

3D Favs1


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