Pregnancy Update: Weeks 33 through 37

Posted on Oct 10 2015 - 8:55pm by ADS

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 33 through 37

This will be our last update for this pregnancy, believe it or not! Why? Well, the last few weeks set in motion a set of some complications that we didn’t see coming.

It started with intense swelling in my feet at the end of each work day, along with a nagging pain in my right shoulder. At my next doctor’s appointment, they discovered protein in my urine, a rise in my blood pressure, and weight gain of 6lbs in two weeks. After some additional blood work and a 24 hour urine specimen, I was diagnosed with a mild case of preeclampsia. I was put on bed rest (but still approved to work from home, thank goodness!) at just before 35 weeks pregnant. While my symptoms have remained stable, we have reached the point where the benefits of staying pregnant no longer out way the benefits of giving birth. We are scheduled to be induced next week around October 15th!

How far along? 37 Weeks
How big is the peanut? 19 inches long and between 6 and 8lbs.
Total weight gain/loss? I’ve have some peaks and valleys, but I’ll end this pregnancy with a total weight gain between 32 and 35 lbs. Ick.
Maternity clothes? 100% maternity jeans or stretchy yoga type material. Still wearing my flowy tops from pre-pregnancy, along with a few maternity tees.
Sleep? Terrible. My thoughts are consumed and my bladder always seems full.
Best moment this week? Finally finishing the nursery and getting the car seat installed.
Hormones? Off the charts. Happy…sad…happy…sad…
Food cravings? HäagenDazs Chocolate ice cream
Food aversions? None at the moment
Gender? BOY!
Labor signs? Dilated only to 1CM as of my last appt. Lots of BH contractions and a feeling of the baby sitting much lower.
Belly button in or out? Still an innie, for the most part.  My belly button never ‘popped.’
What I miss? Walking normally. I definitely waddle nowadays.
What I’m looking forward to? Meeting my little man next week!
Milestones? Reached full term.
Bump? Oh yeah! No one is questioning if there is a baby in there.


Please keep us in your thoughts as we prepare for our induction and delivery next week!

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