Background on this Blended Family.

Posted on Aug 6 2013 - 10:34pm by ADS

My dear husband and I were married on October 20, 2012 on our third anniversary. The day I became his wife, I also become a “Bonus Mom” to his incredible ten year old daughter. I got the ultimate package deal and a fast track to parenting.

Currently, my husband is as non-fertile as they come. Why?  He got a vasectomy when he was a young man. Fast forward to our life together, and we want to have children.

For a long time, that felt like it would never become a reality. Vasectomy Reversals are not a cheap ticket and it is hard to find good doctors with a reliable track record.  About a year ago, after being terribly discouraged by all of our research, I stumbled upon a fantastic little forum filled with couples just like us who were trying to make it “back to fertile lands” so to speak. It was here that I read a lot of great information and advice and my husband and I were finally able to find a doctor that was just right for us and fit in our budget.

23 Days from now, we will venture to Texas from Richmond, Virginia for my husband to get his vasectomy reversed. We’re incredibly excited to finally be on the other side of this equation and hopefully able to fulfill our dream of having children together.

I can’t wait to not only be a Bonus Mom to my sweet bonus-daughter, but to become a Bio(logical) Mom to my future children. I have confidence that we can create a loving, beautiful, blended family where we raise our children with compassion and kindness.


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