Meet The Family

Amanda a.k.a “Mama Bear”

Hi! I’m Amanda. One half of the household unit we like to think we have control over. I’m kind of an old lady trapped in the body of a women in her mid-20s. Very much a homebody and maybe a tad bit of a neat-freak (Thanks, Mom!). Loves to swim, write, and take pictures of just about any subject.

Sign: Pisces
Favorite Color: A very particular shade of Blue.
Guilty Pleasure:  MTV Shows meant for a younger generation.

Rob a.k.a “Simba”

My dear husband! The stronger, male half of that household unit I mentioned. The mind of a young adult, trapped inside the body of an aging adult. (Love you, honey!) Likes to be adventurous when he isn’t working himself to the bone. Green thumb. Can fix ANYTHING-he is my ultimate handyman. Lover of sushi, tattoos, and cooking.

Sign: Leo
Favorite Color: Orange or Yellow
Guilty Pleasure: Reese’s and Ice Cream.

Madeleine a.k.a “Bug”

My dear bonus-daughter! 10 Years old. Pretty much a girly-girl. Loves anything with skulls and crossbows (the girly pink kind). Creative as they come. Enjoys  finger-knitting, sewing, and creating jewelry. Also enjoys board games and Candy Crush. Animal lover. Bookworm. Shy around new people. Starting the 5th grade and recently accepted to the Gifted Program!

Sign: Cancer
Favorite color: Pink or Purple


Our Blended Family on Our Wedding Day.

Our Blended Family on Our Wedding Day.

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